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this website actually has a purpose and it is to simply display some of my artwork to be viewed by friends, family, and potential employers (hint, hint, wink, wink).  i do feel that i have to warn you that the artwork on this site (including the demo reel) was created years ago and is for the purpose of showing my talents only so please do forgive me for any artwork that might be a bit dark. but before we get to the artwork i'll introduce myself a little bit.

my name is niledsa pagán but most everyone i know calls me nily.  back in 1977 i was born in mayaguez, puerto rico where i have returned to live several times throughout my life.  i've lived in several states including michigan, kansas, and florida.  i currently live in sarasota, florida with my husband, my beautiful children and 3 cats, milo, bella & kitters. 

as a young child i developed artistic skills quite quickly.  i am no picasso but my work is pretty decent, from what i hear.  funny story, when i was in sixth grade our teacher had us put together the alphabet and draw a picture to represent each letter which i remember enjoying.  the teacher instructed us to do it ourselves without our parents' help.  when i turned mine in i was accused of not following directions and having my parents help me. my mother was called in for a parent/teacher meeting.  she had me draw something on the blackboard to prove that i had done all the work myself and ever since i took "doodling" to another level.  

i graduated from high school back in 1996 and went off to army basic training at fort jackson, south carolina soon after that.  i was enlisted in the united states army reserves from 1996 to 1999 and was stationed at the ramey base in aguadilla, puerto rico.  i enjoyed the military lifestyle so much but being a part-time soldier was not enough.  this lead me to enlist into the united states army as a full-time active duty soldier.  i was stationed at fort polk, louisiana where i reached the rank of sergeant and was placed in charge of a half dozen or so soldiers.  after having many adventures in the desert and the forest i left my life as a soldier with honors in 2002 to seek out an education as an artist.

from louisiana i took an adventurous road trip to florida and signed up at a school at winter park named fullsail university (then called fullsail real world education) where i earned an associate degree in computer animation in 2004.  somewhere in there i took two weeks off from school to give birth to my beautiful daughter and, with the help of my loving mother, was able to finish my degree as well as obtain a bachelor's degree in entertainment business in 2005.  immediately after that i moved to bradenton, florida where i was able to get a master's degree in business marketing through the online university of phoenix.  unfortunately employers looked (and continue to do so) at my military experience over my artistic skills and education but wherever the Lord places me there i shall remain.

since moving to bradenton i began working at a company named carrier corporation as a forklift operator in 2005.  in 2006 i moved up the chain a little and began working as a sales associate which was a very fun job.  in 2007 i was able to take some time off to give birth to my beautiful son.  a few months after his birth and an increase in daycare costs i felt i needed to move on and found work at a lighting company called beacon products which manufacture commercial lighting.  after a year i was laid off.  for about a year i hunted for work quite unsuccessfully. during that time i worked at a turf product company called wesco turf but was let go after 3 months. i finally landed an awesome gig at a small (but always growing) company called aer-flo where i met the Lord. but after a year or so i was laid off from there as well. after this the Lord blessed me with a counter sales gig at a lawn mower parts place called gravely of bradenton where i met my husband. although i loved working at that company i chose to rebel against the Lord and felt the need to leave that company (terrible decision). after that i worked at a toy company called laser pegs where i was let go after about a week, reason unknown. i worked at another company for a day but i couldn't stomach working there so i left. they will remain unnamed but they were taking advantage of people by trying to sell them something that was already available for free; i just couldn't handle that kind of mindset. after leaving that place and having repented to the Lord for my rebelliousness against Him, He blessed me with my current job at star2star communications where i have been since 2012, praise the Lord.

my old dreams were to run my own animation studio and create cartoons for television, the internet, and maybe even the big screen but now my only desire is, when it comes to my artistic skills, to dedicate them to the Lord.  my only addictions, other then following Christ and loving my children, are listening to sermons, watching christian movies (and sometimes superhero movies and cartoons) and playing the guitar.  my favorite color is blue, my favorite author is God Almighty, and i crochet on occasion.

well, that's all i've got about myself for now so, happy browsing!