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if you're in here there must be something wrong with you.  maybe you like me or something.  maybe for some strange phenomenon you find me to be...gasp...interesting.  well, it happens so don't feel bad.  each picture has a comment under it so that you could get a better idea of what was going on at the time it was taken.  besides, who doesn't like talking about themselves?


these are old pictures of my munchkins.  my little girl (left) off to kindergarten with a pretty little dress for her 6th birthday and my cutie-pie 3-year-old (right) at the park having a good ol' day.  he loves the park.

well, this is what i look like today (left) sort of.  this picture was taken a few years ago.  here (center) is what i looked like when i graduated from high school.  yeah, who's that, right?  and in this picture (right) is my favorite car ever which i drove to the grave.  it was fun while it lasted, buddy.


my favorite people in the whole wide world are these two lovely kids.  my daughter (left) when she was 6 months old and my son (center) when he was only a few days old.  this picture (right) was taken during our first trip made with my little boy.  my daughter loves him.


i think i had way too much fun in basic training.  in this picture (left) i was experimenting with camouflage.  and here (right) i was decorating a 155 mm round...what fun. 


these are some of the soldiers (left) that were in my reserves unit with me.  here we are doing some desert training in california.  weather was about 115 degrees that day...seriously.  can you guess which one is me?  i made tattoos (center) for everyone by taping together a bunch of metal banding clips into a round pattern.  then i sprayed one end with black spray paint and tagged everyone's arm.  i had cut my hair with electric clippers that year so that i wouldn't have to mess with my hair.  although i'm short (right) i was still able to carry an m60 with one hand...grrr.


in this picture (left) i was gazing at an air balloon here.  this was in louisiana.  i got to ride it.  fun, fun, fun.  this picture (right) was taken in new orleans.  i got a free cowboy hat there.


i was a sergeant here (left) and i was in charge of ammunition for a firing range.  here i was just posing the rambo thing...i always wanted to do that.  in 2001 i graduated from sergeant school (center) but i wasn't too happy about going back to my unit.  i really liked being at the school.  this picture (right) is of my favorite platoon sergeant (who is not a cmo) in the whole wide world.  he was my role model back then (but i traded him for the Lord long ago).


these pitures are from a trip to puerto rico in 2007.  on the left is an old church in old san juan and on the right is the entrance to a castle.


more pictures of my puerto rico trip.  on the left is the castle i mentioned above and on the right is this really cool hallway in that castle.  i could almost pass as a professional photographer with this picture, huh!


and yet another picture of puerto rico.  this is a neat building in old san juan.  i am not sure what that building is but i think it has something to do with the mayor or something.


this is a pigeon park in old san juan.  there are hundreds of pigeons here and you can purchase corn to feed them.  they nested in these holes (right) on a wall.  it was pretty neat and at the same time scary.  i have to admit that images from the movie "birds" flashed before my eyes on several occasions.  try not to get pooped on while you're here.