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so you want to see some shorts.  well, let me warn you that they are not pixar work.  these were created during my time at fullsail in winter park, florida.  unfortunately i have not been able to continue working on my animation skills due to lack of funds...the software is quite expensive.  regardless, enjoy what i've got and try not to laugh...too hard.  just click on the thumbnail to view the animation.  you can send me any comments that you may have if you would like.  some of the characters used for these animations were provided by fullsail.  others were provided for free by www.deathfall.com (who no longer provides free rigs that i know of) and www.lostpencil.com (who's website looks entirely different and does not give out freebee rigs either).  one of these has a sound clip that was provided by www.moviesounds.com (who's website also looks entirely different now) and is a clip pulled from the movie the fifth element.  when i obtained this sound clip the website shared it for free but i don't think they are free anymore.  sorry!